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Got Rained out (again, this time in SAN DIEGO) the 21, but 23 was GOOD

Well it was great fun and I beat a lot of cars.

The work on the brake was brilliant, no problems slowing down. I decided
that I didn't want to bother with the wheelie bars though so I kept the
power at 65%.

I found out that I can get approximate 5 run's in before I need to recharge
the batteries (they gave out in the 6th run). I lost a little over 2/10's
before they gave out, but still a thrill ride.

I also found out that I need to do a longer burnout than I thought; not to
warm up the tires, but the batteries. After a longer burnout I launch
harder and shave almost 1/10 second off my time. This means that to really
go hard I either need to heat up my batteries, or more power, or both.

Still a whole lot of fun.

Oh and while I was working on the lights I got back to back .00 reaction
times (.005 and .008) whee!


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