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[EVDL] 3 26ah Hawkers in an Izip electric chopper.

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It took three people but I got three batteries into the triangle of an Izip
electric chopper. That should give good range & power. The trick is to
position the low spots of the battery towers between the bike tube. You can
then slip in one battery that acts as an inverted keystone & the other two
batteries won't come out. A crotch hair less room and they wouldn't fit.
As it was I did have to take out some metal do-hickies that held the old
battery pack. I'm going to use the upper support to hold on the batteries.
I'm also using a 800watt Rad 2 go motor & a Minimoto55 amp 36v controller.
Its going to be a bit more efficient than the first Schwinn chopper I
converted. I'm putting it in the Photo Album soon. Lawernce Rhodes.....

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