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Buffett brandishing his BYDs
[image] Buffett-Backed BYD Is Finally Bringing Electric Vehicles to =

the U.S. BY Ariel Schwartz twit/arielhs 01-12-2011 ... The Warren =

Buffett-backed Chinese electric vehicle maker ... BYD is serious about
bringing EVs to the U.S.

BYD's five-seat e6 crossover, unveiled at this week's Detroit Auto =

Show, comes with a 160-kilowatt motor, a range of 200 miles, and a =

60-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The vehicle is expected to
retail for $42,000 when it is released ... in 2012 ...

If BYD fails to deliver on its promises, it may lose what little =

faith it has from auto industry insiders. We noticed that the BYD =

stand was one of the least popular during busy times at the Detroit =

Auto Show on Monday/ That doesn't bode well for the company, which is
only the first Chinese automaker to attempt to sell vehicles in the =

ultra-competitive U.S. market.
One in Five Americans Likely to Buy Electric Vehicle
By Pure Green Cars on 01/12/2011 One in five U.S. drivers will =

consider an electric vehicle as their next new vehicle ...

IBM survey: auto execs not on the same page as consumers
IBM Finds Differences in EV Attitudes By Susan Defreitas 15 Jan 2011
... IBM's ... study asked drivers what would motivate them to switch =

... to an all-electric vehicle. The same question was posed to auto =

industry executives, who were asked to rate the importance they =

believe that drivers place on each criteria.

While 76% of industry executives surveyed listed higher oil prices as
motivating factor, only 51% of the public agreed. As it turns out, =

drivers were actually far more altruistic in their motivations for =

buying an electric car, as 48% cited sustainability concerns (while =

only 33% of auto execs cited the same).

Government incentives were a big motivating factor in the auto exec's
perspective, with 73% citing them as a motivating factor, while only =

41% of the public agreed. Likewise, traffic congestion-i.e., the =

attractively empty carpool/alternative fuel lane-was cited by 26% of =

drivers as a motivator, while only 11% of auto execs thought the same.

30% of drivers surveyed said that they would consider switching to an
EV that got 100 miles or less per charge, and 40% said they would pay =

up to 20% more for an electric-only vehicle compared with a similarly-
featured gas-, diesel, or hybrid-powered vehicle. Home-chargers were a
sticking point among drivers surveyed, however, as only 13% said they
would be willing to spend $1,000 or more for such devices.
Source: Earth Techling [=A9 2011 IBTimes Company. All Rights Reserved.]

Ube & Maxell set up joint venture
Alliances Spreading Among Lithium Battery Materials Firms Jan 15 2011
TOKYO (Nikkei)--Lithium ion battery alliances are on the rise ... Ube =

Industries Ltd. and Hitachi Maxell Ltd. said Friday that they will set
up a joint venture next month to produce separators -- a component =

essential to ensuring safety when batteries overheat ... With =

electric vehicle sales projected to grow, a host of companies are =

entering the lithium ion battery markets in Japan and abroad, =

prompting firms to take steps to share investment costs. (The Nikkei =

Jan. 15 morning edition) [=A9 Nikkei Inc. All rights reserved.]


-- =

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