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[EVDL] $5mo For EV Research & Development?

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Hi Pete :) ,
Replied to your e-mail four days ago. Yes, I opened my "Big" mouth and
I will stand behind what I said. It takes money to make money.
I believe that the future of personal passenger transportation in this
Century, will be Electric Vehicles. We hear a lot about the "Infrastructure"
to provide charging opportunities everywhere. But, who will fix them? The
drivers will not be "Hobbyists," from the EVDL list, but JUST drivers, with
only the knowledge required for an "Operator's License." A chain of
specialized Trade Schools is needed, like all the ones for Nursing, and
Massage, and even Manicuring.
Two groups need training, the present "Independent" Auto Mechanics
(They can not get Dealer sponsored training.) and Others who are the vast
group of "DIY" mechanics who fix their own and want to continue to do so.
(Of the 3 million mechanics in the USA, more than a million do not work for
dealerships, that is our basic target student pool. At this time the
competition is virtually non existent.
We need to kick the start button right now, I have been working on this
for two years, no-one has been willing to listen to me but if you look back,
what I said over a year ago is now becoming the popular position. Perhaps it
is my background in Vocational Eduction for 20 years, participating in
origination of programs in Medical Equipment repair and calibration,
Electronic instrument repair and calibration, Industrial Electronics, Alarm
system installation and service, and Personal Computer Repair. Over 6,000
students graduated after taking my classes,
I have the course curriculum, text lessons, workbooks, tests,and
instructional video DVDs the course is 160 hours, four weeks @ eight hours
daily or eight weeks @ four hours daily, (One or two months)and each four
hour session is one hour of Book and lecture time, and three hours of
hands-on either converting a modern sedan to electric, or a electric
motorcycle build-up. (Sedan is with DC motor, Motorcycle is with AC motor.)
Every trainee completes one or the other. We sell it, the market here is
starved and desperate. pricing is $10,000 over cost, half is the actual
tuition and half is given to the trainee with the Diploma, at Graduation.
[That ratio may change to 75/25%.] No private school pays the student!
Yes, my business plan shows how a $160,000 (Minimum of 80% of the
$200,000 desired investment,) generates stockholders equity of a lot more
than $4 million.
>>"So $50,000 invested would net me 1 million in 5 years.?? NO, I will
not open without sufficient Capital, 50% of new business fail due to being
under capitalized. I need a minimum of $150,000 to start-up and properly
promote and hire QUALIFIED staff. If you want to invest the first $50,000 I
would accept that but understand I must raise the other $100,000 before
proceeding to open and I would just hold it in "Escrow" until the goal of
about $160K is raised. That is part of S.E.C.Regulation D, Rule 5
I hope you have more questions, I am very enthusiastic, so this is
long for an E-Mail.
My business plan runs less than 20 "Slides" and I will forward that to you
if you promise not to steal my ideas, or use the information
"Inappropriately". Thank you for your inquiry.
Please see also my web page at *WWW.DENNISLEEMILES.COM *

Dennis Lee Miles

<[email protected]> wrote:

> It is a mighty big claim that you are offering. In a nut shell you are
> telling me and everyone on this list that if someone gave you $200000 you'd
> pay them back 4 million in 5 years and I'd assume that you would also get a
> quite tidy sum as well?
> Pete :)
> Hell, I could go borrow that give it to you make payments until you
> returned my promised 4 million in 5 years and I'd be home free to do what I
> wanted if properly invested. So $50000 invested would net me 1 million in 5
> years.
> Damn, that is mighty tempting.
> As a business plan how do you plan on pulling that one off?
> On Sep 11, 2010, at 8:23 AM, Dennis Miles wrote:
> > *Actually it is too often a "Devil Investor" and they want <51%
> ownership,
> > and you become an employee. That is not my preferred solution! Give me
> 40
> > small investors and only $5,000 from each and I would make them all
> richer
> > by about $100,000 in 5 years.
> > Regards,
> > Dennis Lee Miles (Director) E.V.T.I. inc.
> >
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> > On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 11:18 PM, Lock Hughes <[email protected]>
> wrote:
> >
> >> Not sure I understand your question. I guess you mean thousands of folks
> >> each paying $5 a month? My understanding of fundraising is that it is
> more
> >> cost-efficient for a start-up to have one angel investor paying 100% of
> the
> >> bills
> >> --- On Fri, 9/10/10, Eric <[email protected]> wrote:
> >>
> >>> 4 very quick questions. The best Q&A will get posted in
> >>> an upcoming report/article I'm writing.
> >>>
> >>> As an EV enthusiast, builder, or owner, would you support
> >>> an EV research and development project with a $5/month donation?
> >>>
> >>> If yes, why?
> >>>
> >>> If no, why not?
> >>>
> >>> What do/would you want out of it?
> >>>
> >>> Regards,
> >>> Eric Wichman
> _______________________________________________

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