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[EVDL] A _bad_ business model (was: Kandi.....)

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If you know much about lead-acid, you know that they will die quickly
if left uncharged for any significant length of time. If you don't
recharge quickly after discharge, sulfation will form. The lower the
DOD and the longer you wait (and the hotter it is) the worse the
sulfation will be.

Without home charging, the batteries will be run to near 100% DOD
over a period of a week or perhaps two weeks, and then will be
swapped for charged batteries. This is torture for lead-acid batteries.

If a person waits two weeks and fully discharges the battery during
those two weeks, I give the battery three cycles at best, especially
in hot weather. If the person lets the fully discharged battery sit
for two additional weeks in hot weather, (while they are saving up
the $6 for the swap) the battery has no hope.

Can they rebuild the 1000 lb battery for the $18 they will charge for
three swaps?

This plan, while silly for logistics reasons, could work with any
other battery technology _except_ lead-acid.

Bill D.

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