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YES, by all means. As I might have written already, one of our own
Pacific NW guys was shut out by mountains of red tape and paper work,
and entry fees.

Yet, with a (Highly modified Geo Metro) he built, went over 200 miles at
free way speeds, in a car ( Not counting his labor time...) he had
invested less than $5000. And with used LEAD Acid batteries yet...

Pictures at:
( )

Bill Moore of EV-World did a 24 minute Interview with Dave on his
accomplishment, and how he did it, some weeks ago. For those who
Subscribe to EV World, you can probably find the interview on his web sight.

I know Dave Cloud is not ON the EVDL, but I am cc'ing him here, case any
of you would like to drop him an (off list) e-mail for more particulars.

Lee Heart and friends wrote:
>Maybe entrants would be free to license their ideas to
>> manufacturers who are also dissuaded from participating in the X-
>> Joke

That's an interesting idea! Should be discuss it some more?

I'd like to see it set up more like the NEDRA and the drag racers have
done. The goal is simple: Go 1/4 mile from a standing start as fast as
possible with an EV. No big entry fee. No elaborate rules. No
requirement to go to a certain place at a certain time to race
head-to-head. The "prize" is the bragging rights to say you hold the record.

Let's work out a similarly simple goal for our "Electrify American
Automotive" Prize.

Lee... If you have a Distance in the least time... You will have folks
breaking the law, I fear.

As part of a very modest entry fee, all vehicles could be fitted with
amp hour instruments, similar to the one Dave uses in all his World
Champion Electrathon racers, built by our own BSEneingeering (Bruce
Sherry Designes) at:

The contest could be as simple as covering 100 miles with the least
watt/hours. Course... the problem would be to rent/beg/borrow some
track, some where, where all the contestants would have an equally flat

Dave's run was far from that, from his house NE of Seattle, North on I-5
nearly 100 miles and back again...Up and over hill and dale...
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