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[EVDL] A new PIR drag racer?

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My buddy who is doing the body work on my truck found this on craigslist for me

I just went and picked it up tonight. It was a great buy considering it came with a prestolite MTC4001 motor.

The sellers bought it and stripped the Zilla and contactors off of it to go in their Jetta conversion and had to get the rest out of the way.

After all the time I have spent at PIR as a spectator I've been kind of getting the itch to get on the track myself although I wasn't thinking along the lines of a motorcycle.

It's going to sit as is for a while so I can finish my truck then I will see if I want to get it ready for the track or not. One thing is for sure, I am not interested in going KillaCycle fast... Just how fast I am willing to run down the track is something I will be thinking about all winter :)

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