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[EVDL] A New 'Sputnik Moment' requires continued EV battery R&D/innovation

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America Faces a New 'Sputnik Moment'
WASHINGTON, DC, November 30, 2010 (ENS) - The success of China and other =

countries in clean energy industries has created a new "Sputnik Moment" =

for the United States, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Monday in a speech
at the National Press Club ... Today's clean energy challenges require "a
similar mobilization of America's innovation machine ... scientists are =

developing electric vehicle batteries that can power 500 miles of driving
on a single charge, said Chu. =

The Nissan Leaf can travel 73 miles on a single charge, according to its
U.S. EPA new vehicle sticker, while the Chevy Volt can travel 35 miles =

on battery power alone ... there are ... crucial technologies where the
United States must innovate or risk falling far behind:

* Alternative Energy Vehicles. China has developed a draft plan to =

invest $17 billion in central government funds in fuel economy, hybrids, =

plug-in hybrids, electric ... vehicles, with the goal of producing 5
million new energy vehicles and 15 million fuel-efficient conventional =

vehicles by 2020
* Renewable Energy ... * High Voltage Transmission... * High Speed Rail
... =

* Supercomputing ... "[DoE's] supercomputers provide an enormous =

ompetitive advantage for the United States," ...
[Copyright Environment News Service (ENS) 2010. All rights reserved.]
... =
Secretary Chu: Global energy race is 'Sputnik' moment =

by Martin LaMonica Nov 29, 2010
... One lesson that the U.S. can learn from China is the importance of =

long-term planning and investment, Chu said. The ARPA-E program, which =

is taking on challenges such as cheap electric-car batteries capable of =

a 500-mile range, could suffer from short-term policies. Although it was =

created as an agency a few years ago, it was first funded through the =

stimulus package and it is now in danger of not being renewed.


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