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>From: "storm connors" <[email protected]>
>Subject: Re: [EVDL] A123 Battery Feasibility
>I'm still back trying to discern the answer to the original question. Why
>can't you just make buddy pairs or buddy strings of flooded batteries and
>SLAs? It would seem that the high amperage demands would be filled from the
>lower internal resistance SLAs and if their charge got lower than the
>floodies, the floodies would serve to recharge the SLAs.

why not take a single sla and single flooded and try them in parallel,
measure [individually] currents into appropriate loads and find discharge curves
to foresee any problems.
if they are 12V units they have multiple cells in series already and i suppose
you therefore dont need to add more batts in series for a good prediction of
what will happen in the real [multiple batts] case.
good luck

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