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This is an alert to a problem that I had with a brand new "CC Power" DC/DC
converter. This is NOT to disparage the product or company, but to report
the FACTS surrounding my actual situation and my personal OPINIONS.

It appears that I had an almost immediate failure of a "CC Power" DC/DC
converter (C400) in my new conversion project. I don't know the cause of the
problem yet, but have alerted the distributor I purchased my converter from
to see how they intend to resolve the problem.

In addition, TimK, in his blog ( ) yesterday also
reported the failure of the same companies DC/DC converter in his project.

My advice is this:

If you have a "CC Power" DC/DC converter and have not yet installed it, in
my opinion, you should NOT hook it up until you are reasonably assured it
won't be fried and if it is, you can be made "whole" again.

If you are considering the purchase of a "CC Power" DC/DC converter, be sure
you have total agreement with the seller that if you incur a problem, the
matter will be quickly settled to your satisfaction. In my opinion, this
only makes good sense and something you should do with any product from any
company, not just a "CC Power" product.

Roger Daisley
Pullman, WA

Ps: There is a possibility that the converter supplied by the distributor
was not suitable for the intended use. I am requesting that the distributor
address that possibility.

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