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Hi, all!

Just a quick note to let you know that my Ranger just gave me the biggest EV Grin! (Next is power brakes and steering, though!). I just drove my ranger up and down the road to get the feel of it then back up the driveway (pulls 200amps on the driveway incline!).

The problem with the controller turns out to be the need for a jumper. Pins 9 and 10 for the older DCP controllers needs to be jumpered across to make it work.

Anyway, she's mobile again after seven months living in the garage! Dang it though, it's time for dinner then a meeting for my daughter! Where do we find time for these projects!

More later . . ..


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Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2007 12:48:39 PM
Subject: July Meeting Place

New England Electric Auto Assocation July 14, 2007 meeting from 2 PM
to 4 PM will be at the home of Dave Oliveria who is also in process of
coverting a Ranger.
See address and directions below.
Menlo Park III,

Address/Phone: 11 Pinewood Trail, Deep River, CT 860-526-1460 (Cell
is better that day at 860-938-0808).

CT Route 9 South, Exit 5 (Route 80), turn right at end of exit (or CT
Route 9 North, Exit 5 (Route 80), turn left at end of exit). Follow
Route 80 to flashing red light intersection (about 2 miles). Turn
right. Follow Route 80 about two miles to just past top of hill
(Winthrop Town sign on right) and take next left onto Pinewood Trail.
Take 2nd driveway on left to our house (long driveway). Parking for
about six cars at end of driveway. Parking on street for overflow.

Might be worth mentioning that attendees can see and discuss my in-
process EV Conversion Ranger (FWIW).

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