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[EVDL] Another GE-EV1 lives

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G'day All

Today I got operational the GE-EV1 that is going into the Australian
Maritime College "greenliner" electric boat project. I got a Flight Systems
2003 factory refurb multi-fit replacement oscillator card off Ebay for
about $50, so they have the ability now to go above 48V if they need to (a
24 to 84V card).

One side effect of the Flight Systems card is that where the original card
seems to need the potbox 1A (full throttle) switch to bring on the 1A
bypass, the Flight Systems card will bring it on at about 90% throttle (I
assume that it wouldn't if in current limit, but with a resistor/inductor
load at 200A I couldn't get the current limit to kick in).

I built a potbox using a standard 270-degree pot, using the gearbox from a
small geared motor to get full pot rotation from around 100 degrees of
lever arc. The potbox will be mounted in front of the jet controls with a
throttle lever. The two end of travel switches are mounted on the inside of
a diecast box that protects the pot, mounted on the back of the gearbox
(where the motor used to attach) operated by a lever on an extension of the
input shaft.

They're picking up the sub-assembly (controller, two contactors and coil
drivers) in the morning, to make the fit-up onto the boat.


[Technik] James

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