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[EVDL] Another swimming motor

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G'day All

Australian Maritime College student project "Greenliner" went for its'
first in-water electric-drive test today (had previous outings with an
infernal combustion engine in it).

First problem: The impeller in the jet is the opposite direction to
planned, so the motor needed to be reversed (easily dealt with, swap two
wires and move the brush gear).

Second problem: The jet threw water back against the transom in a way that
just happened to hit the spot where the jet control cables come out through
a rubber flap, so after a few minutes of operation on the lake it was
noticed that the blunt end of the boat was a bit lower than it should be...
the motor got half submerged (fresh water, thankfully) and due to a "no
time, got to get it running, stick the controller there (move it later)"
the controller and contactors remained above the water. Hopefully "later"
will allow me to put it into a sealed box...

The DC/DC converters (two, one for the 12V stuff, one for 24V for
instrumentation) are in another compartment in the hull.

Apart from that, a successful outing (2200RPM static pull, don't know how
fast on the lake, but well under max speed).

There ended the fun for the day: back to work.


[Technik] James

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Hey James

Nice to see ya back posting 8^) and I wanted to shoot
you a big fat conrats on your first trial run!

How did EVeryone involved feel it worked so far?
Seems like you should be able to squeeze out 6000
RPM's out of those motors if you can feed them. Again
best of luck as things progress!

Anyway just wanted to root for the "Good twin" that
hangs out on the other side of our world 8^)
Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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