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Hey Jim

I've been reading your posts and to honest it seems
you are trying to sow strife here! There is nothing
positive or constructive in any of your remarks! In
reality what do you care as to who's faster between
John and Dennis? Besides having what appears to be an
Everest sized chip on your shoulder!

lighten up here, you're taking this way to serious.

I just spent my whole Saturday hanging out at Markos
shop trying to offer help and advise to Mike K so he
could turn up his controller and juice down the track
faster. Believe me, I had better (okay funner) things
to have done with my time! Being that he'd come all
the way from San Diego I wanted him to do his best
regardless of whether he "beat" Waylands time or not!
Somewhere along the way you lost that community
commitment, at least that is how it reads.

I can tell your are not a racer, because if you were you would bee out there
to win, that's why people travel hundreds of miles to the drag strip. John
Wayland is number one and every one else wants to bee there, we all strive for
number 1, because number 2 doesn't matter.

As most people here know, I have no problem speaking
my mind 8^o (it's what EVil twins do best 8^) FWIW
Even though you've had many past successes I've found
that I have lost a lot of respect for you in your
brash "all about me" attitude!

you speak I listen no problem. Just keep building horse power/motors on a
stick so the "racers' can go out there and win..............."me attitude"...
no...I just have an attitude.

BTW John no longer drives the Zombie, he's deligated
that job to a younger man. We all grow old, we'll all
die and the only thing that will survive are our
actions, both past and present! Just something to
think about.

John has delegated his seat to a lighter and younger man, I used to have
hired guns for my motorcycle when it use to scare the crap out of me, not
because of weight.

Maybe you should change your email address to "MrWent
Fast" and stop bad mouthing those who are still out
there racing and trying to do the best they can! while
having fun dong it!!!

Yea my records are pretty old but no one has beat them in over 20 years

Opinions are like a**holes EVeryone has one 8^) do
with this as you feel fit ;^) I for one am tired of
hearing you bash the guys who are doing great things
for the EV community 8^(

I have a bellybutton too and I keep them both klean, daily.

This has nothing to do with me as I have very little
pride to crush but I doubt anyone likes having their
deeds deminished. With that said I doubt anyone has
any bad words about what you did when John was in
diapers 8^P

I think John is holding up fairly well he has not yet let down his guard,
he's tough for a kid, I'll bet he comes back with more stuff.

Just my rebuttle to your strife filled posts here
these days.

Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

seriously again Jim, I think you're
taking this way to serious.

The other Jim

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