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[EVDL] Auto Transporting?

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I transported my EV a little different, but it work out very good. I flew
to the Electric Fuel Propulsion Inc that was in Troy, Michigan back in April
of 1976 to pick up my EV which is call Transformer I which I am still
driving today which has been upgraded and modified.

After I drove the EV around the Detroit area, I drove it back to the company
and right on to a lift rack, the same type that is use in service stations.
A large U-Haul truck was back up to the lift and I drove it in. The U-Haul
was the right size where the front bumper press against the front panel and
the tires had just enough room to go between the fender wells.

Blocking was fasten down to the floor between the fender walls and tires.
Addition blocking was place at the rear tires. A press pack of heavy duty
cardboard was place behind the rear bumpers, where the U-Haul doors would
press against the bumpers and doors.

The bumpers on this EV are double wall steel with a 1.5 inch thick rubber
inlay, could not do this with the plastic bumpers, so that type of car would
have to be chain down to the floor D-rings by the frame.

It took me 2 day's to drive from Troy to Great Falls, Montana with no


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