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I am rebuilding an older electric vehicle and putting it back on the road. It
is a 67 Datsun Bluebird 4 door sedan. It was converted years ago and used in
San Francisco for many years. The little car has a Baldor motor installed
but no information tags remain on the motor. The motor has been removed but
will be reinstalled soon. I have looked at the motor and brush areas and
even hooked up 12v to see if it works. I was told it did not. It does at
least with 12v. All looks clean and does not smell of burnt motor. I know
that smell anywhere. I was wanting to know if someone here on this list is
using a baldor motor and could pass along some information. It looks like a
very good motor. Clean and no rust anywhere on the motor. Here is my photo
album of the motor.

I am still unsure of what advancing the motor is for and if any motor can be
advanced or only some? Not all of my information is here yet so I am doing
this slowly. I have the ability but I do need to go through the learning
curve. I did that with my VW TDI.

That is the photo album of my TDI.

I am thinking of zilla for my controller but some have said it's a 6 month
wait. Yuck!. Ok, what about curtis or Alltrack? Or ? Is there more?

What about chargers? I do plan on Optima Yellow tops. Price is not an issue.

I know it's alot but I need the info.

Thanks a bunch

PS I will be charging with full solar power. =^D
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