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[EVDL] Batcure, new miracle battery sulfation preventer?

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From what I can see from their website I would say that their
technology is more like bat-guano. There are statements like,
"produces highly toxic gasses, like Oxygen, Hydrogen, Acidic fumes,
etc." describing some of the problems with ordinary L-A batteries.
Another clam is that with their new development lead acid batteries
will last from three to five years in a lighting/starting environment
and seven years in stationary use.
At least they are not making impossible claims.
Nice website though. : )

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> Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:31:06 -0600
> From: "Steve Hawkins" <[email protected]>
> Subject: [EVDL] BATCURE -- ? real or not
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> Hi all, I received this battery e-mail this morning. Has anyone
> tried this,
> or is this just the same-old-same-old not so miracle cure?
> ========================
> ?
> ???????????????? Your first choice to save your batteries from
> premature ?capacity ?loss of batteries.
> ?
> ?????????????????Each and every lead acid battery suffers from
> internal
> sulfation problem which is identified as the foremost reason for
> failure of
> a battery. We can now easily prevent sulfation, remove sulfation
> and restore
> the power storage capacity of the batteries with BATCURE.
> ?
> ??????????????? We have worked hard for more than 10 years to study
> the
> sulfation problem, electrochemistry involved in sulfation, and the
> simplest
> remedy that you should have for your batteries so that you can
> smile and
> save your batteries. In last one year battery prices have gone up
> by 40% all
> over the world due to increase in lead metal prices. Batteries are
> no longer
> cheaper so it is a time for you to save the batteries and get
> maximum life
> from the batteries. There are thousand of instruments available in the
> market to check the battery health but there is no real time tested
> remedy
> for your sick/weak/sulfated batteries. Now you have BATCURE so that
> you can
> cure your batteries instantly and save your time, money.labor and
> environment.
> ?
> ???????????? You do not require any electronic desulfators to take
> care of
> your batteries.BATCURE gives instant results, easy to use, most cost
> effective, most dependable and ecofriendly product that you have been
> looking for. With BATCURE we have saved thousand of batteries, wet
> or VRLA
> sealed batteries, from 2.5 ah to 16000 ah batteries.
> ?
> ???????????? BATCURE is very easy to use and can be added to your
> battery
> any time. We can also send on request test results of BATCURE from
> around
> the world. Do not allow your battery to die, add BATCURE now, and
> see how
> battery performs for you.
> ?
> Just write to us and we will do the rest for your batteries. Visit our
> website
> ?
> SECTOR-11,
> MOBILE: 0091-9824035699
> Email:[email protected]
> ????????????????? [email protected]
> ?

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