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Bob Rice wrote

"... This is WHY the magic battery rejuivenaters are a joke. They can't
> put the active material back on the plate grids, the goop that makes the
> damn battery work in the first place.


". . .was the AD-X2 battery additive case. The NBS Director, A. V. Astin, had
been pressured by various senators and the battery additive producer to run a
test of the additive. Under extreme time constraints, the statisticians came up
with appropriate experimental designs for the tests [21] and assigned the
treatment of additive or no-additive to 32 batteries blindly and at random. The
experiments, run by the Electricity Division, confirmed that the additive had no
significant positive effect on batteries, but in what was quickly to become an
interesting sidelight of history, the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for
Domestic Affairs announced that Astin had not considered the "play of the
marketplace" in his judgment and relieved him as Director of NBS. Eventually,
the National Academy of Sciences was called in to review NBS's work, which was
labeled first rate, and Astin was reinstated [22]."

If memory serves me correctly this resulted in a name change from
National Bureau of Standards to National Institute of Science and Technology,
and a new laboratory!

Science 1, Politics 0!

John in Sylmar, CA
Driving solar powered with only one additive - distilled water!
Please, no more

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