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A friend of mine is converting a Dodge Neon using a Warp9, Syncromotive 700A
controller, and LiFePO4 batteries. I was recommending to him that he have a
battery current shunt and motor current shunt. I believe he will be limiting
battery current to around 300A. He already has a 500A 50mV shunt. I was
suggesting that he go with a 1000A 100mA shunt in the motor loop so that he
can use the same analog 500A gauge with a toggle switch. The reason I was
suggesting the 1000A 100mA shunt is that the meter should still read 500A at
500 motor amps but that the 1000A shunt can better handle the short spikes
up into the 700A range where as the 500A shunt might not do so well. I'm
trying to avoid the driver having to do a mental doubling of the meter
reading when on the motor shunt.

Will this work as expected?

David D. Nelson
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