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Lets have some fun. It's damp out and about 60=B0F. I just took my daught=
er to school and a Mercedes sport coupe is approaching from the rear as we =
go up a hill to my house. I had just pulled into the road ahead of him and=
I wouldn't want to slow him down but he had already changed lanes to pass =
my poor little underpowered(he he) Ford Aspire. I shifted into second and =
put the pedal to the metal expecting to take off like a scalded cat. It wa=
s great for about one second. Unfortunately I heard a pop and the voltage =
meter went to zero. Rats. I parked the car not able to coast to the crest=
of the hill and go home on gravity drive. Measured all the batteries and =
one was 11.4v and the one next to it was 4.5v. Walk home to get tools and =
a jumper. When I got back and took off the cover for the rear batteries I =
found the 4.5v battery had melted its post. I stuck my meter into the hole=
that was left of the post and it measured 12.9vdc. The weak battery
was neg. to the pos of the good but the melted battery post was on the neg=
side(other) of the good battery. It was connected to a sturdy 1/4 inch th=
ick buss bar to the next good battery. Why would the post on the opposite =
side of the good battery away from the bad battery take the hit. Shouldn't=
the post on the bad battery go first. I always thought that the lowest ba=
ttery was the one to eat it. All the other batteries measured 12.8 to 13vd=
c. I jummpered out the bad battery and drove home. Tail between legs. =
Lawrence Rhodes..

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