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So I have been convinced to buy 6V flooded lead acid. After a week of calling local dealers, and searching on the internet, the best price I came up with for the T-105 was $125/battery at a local place. It ended up being a little cheaper than some internet places, because of no shipping. The last place I called quoted me $84/battery. It sounds as if this guy knows how to wheel and deal. I explain to him about what I am doing, and he just starts laughing. He thought it was very cool. I send him the link to the evalbum. Two days ago, I tell him I want to pick up the batteries the next day. He orders them in, but instead of the T-105, he orders Deka Pro-Master GC15. He thinks these are higher quality, and he tells me that they are generally high priced, but he is giving them to me for the same price. I am not sure if this is a deal or not. After the first day of contact, he emails me about a 24V, 510Ah forklift battery that he thinks will be better than the 16 6V ba!
tteries. He has a baja type 69 bug, and is now thinking of doing the conversion as well. He might use his 24V forklift battery. Anyway, I can't tell the story in the proper way, but it was a fun experience. And who knows what his conversion might turn out to be.

How do these Deka batteries compare to the Trojan T-105s? He thinks they are better. Does anyone have any experience?

I assume I should seal these batteries in boxes, for both insulation purposes, and containment. What would be best? Wood, metal, plastic? I would like a low cost option if possible, but I don't want to sacrifice safety.

I appreciate comments.

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