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I've been charging my old batteries (about 5-7 years old, less than 1000 miles) and here is what I found. First, I think they have been undercharged since new. They came out of a 120 V car with Russco charger, no boost transformer. With a long extension cord, I fear they were always undercharged. They were siting right around 6 V (they are 6 V flooded batts). That is after 2.5 years of no charging at all. I have charged them. Using a 10 Amp rate, I have been able to get them up to 7.5 V (while being charged at 10 Amps). I couldn't get them up there at 5 Amps. Off the charger, they still seem a little low, around 6.3. I did a load test with a meter and I only got 200 - 250 CCA on about 9 of the 12. 3 of the 12 read around 350-400 CCA. The meter is somewhat cheap and known to be only approximate. The three that read higher are from 2005 and have < 50 cycles on them. The others are from 02-03 and have more cycles, but < 1000 miles. So, what
does all this add up to? Should I expect the CCA on the other 9 to improve with repeated equalization charging? Or, are they just junk? Keep in mind, I think they have been undercharged since new. If they are sulfated, they should improve, right? But, 8 years of sulfation ... maybe not.


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