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[EVDL] BB600 batteries for sale

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This was listed on the BB600 list.
I have no affiliation with this seller, just thought
somebody may be interested since he's not on the EVDL.

Please email him at "taocin" <garren.luong at>
I had 290 to 295 BB600 batteries that I got over a
year ago and I need
to sale all of them because we need money for the new
baby. Prefer
local pick up and sell all at once. How is $9.75 each
sound? Their
batteries have never been use, sale as is.
cell-678-642- 7239 Marietta,

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From: "Timothy Balcer" <[email protected]>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 11:58 AM
Subject: Re: [EVDL] BB600 batteries for sale

>I just got pictures of the cells from him.. I am not sure if I can buy
> them but I thought I would post a link to the (large) picture so folks
> would know what they were looking at.
> I'll be all over these in a bit (as soon as I can see my way to
> renting a pickup truck in GA), if noone buys them :)
> Hey Tim;

Go BUY a clean Ranger Ford truck and haul them home and convert the
surviving truck to electric. Dave Oliveria has all the drawings etc to make
it easier. He is coming along with it, should be running next month. We
bought the badd-eries the other day.



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