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[EVDL] Bluetooth info (WAS: Re: Got Juice? - ie., is the charger charging? (WAS: Re

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Some information on Bluetooth for those interested. It seems like it
(or related protocols) would be a great way to set up wireless
communication between devices in EVs, and get rid of some of the wiring
smaze (I'm thinking in particular for battery monitoring systems; one of
my interests - tire pressure monitoring systems (after all the flats and
the one tire explosion I had), I believe are based on Bluetooth,
although I have yet to start researching that). I wonder how Bluetooth
would stand up against controller hash, both over-the-air and through
devices picking up the voltages off of the batteries? (RFCOMM for serial
port profile)

Any other good links?

Lee Hart wrote:
>> "Would
>> be something like you were thinking of?"
> It's hard to me to figure out exactly how this would work. Could someone
> explain?
> 1. It appears to read the serial data from a particular meter
> (Protek 506). I happened to have one of these meters; it worked
> for a year and died. As I recall, it sent encoded data (its LCD
> segments, rather than ASCII values). I had to run a Windows
> program on my PC to read its data.
> 2. I assume their device translates RS-232 data into Bluetooth RF
> data, which needs to be received by some device with Bluetooth.
> Won't most Bluetooth devices ignore it, because it's not a
> headset or other expected device?
> 3. They show a too-small-to-read screen on a high-end mobile phone
> that I guess is supposed to be telling you what the meter reads.
> Where does the software come from that translates the meter's
> segments into sensible readings on the phone?
> 4. The Protek meter I had was strictly battery operated (no AC
> adapter option). It also automatically shut itself off after
> 15 minutes of use, with no option to keep it on. Their Bluetooth
> device is also battery operated, and probably can't operate for
> very long. How would you get around that?
> 5. What is this whole affair going to cost? It looks like a number
> of over-$100-each black boxes are needed.

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