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[EVDL] Braille batt

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Does anyone have any experience with Braille batteries? 31 Amp hour rating
@ 21 lbs is interesting...

B3121 No-Weight Extreme Battery Specs

Weight: 21 lbs

Length: 6.6

Width: 5.2

Height: 6.8

Pulse Cranking Amps: 1380

Cranking Amps: 742

Cold Cranking Amps: 550

Amp Hour Rating: 31

Warranty: 1 Year Free Replacement / 2 Year Limited Pro-Rated Extended

About Braille Batteries & the B3121 Model Development:

Braille Batteries are used by racers all over the world in the FIA WRC, FIA
Formula Racing, Speed World Challenge Series, SCCA ProRally Series, SCCA
Regional and National Racing, NASA Touring Cars, NIRA, NOPI and Battle of
the Imports Drag Racing Series. Braille Batteries are also designed for
deep-cycle use in premium vehicles with enhanced reliability and
performance. The Spec B3121 is also perfect for daily street use, even in
colder climates. Braille developed the B3121 to excel at competition use and
in situations where the battery is relied on to perform at a higher level
than other batteries. This includes extreme audio systems and insane motors.

The B3121 features an industry leading energy to weight ratio. Enhanced Mat
Technology (more surface area on the lead plates) combined with calcium full
frame power path grids (increase cranking power), yields over 1300 Pulse
Cranking Amps. With a weight of only 21 pounds/9.5kg, the B2015 is 10-30
pounds lighter than a standard battery of equal power. It also has a very
high reserve time of over 1he 15 minutes to ensure the power to start even
after using the vehicles accessories.

Durability was also designed into this battery. Using high density oxide,
Braille was able to offer a battery with true deep-cycling ability over the
life of the battery. Heavy duty vibration resistant power posts resist
cracking and deterioration common to many lightweight batteries used in
harsh automotive environments. The B3121 is a sealed unit that can be
mounted in any position safely using its adjustable automotive terminal
posts. Braille also includes a one-year free replacement limited
warrantythat is not pro-rated. The B3121 also includes pro-rated
coverage over a two
year period.
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