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[EVDL] Breaking in some new batteries

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I finally got the 2 bad Optima's replaced. So I now have 11 Optimas
with about 3 cycles on them, and 2 brand new ones.
I first charged the 2 new ones with a car charger (set to AGM of
course), and then put them in the pack.
When I turned on my PFC-40, all the regs lit up - except the 2 new
batteries. (This only occured because I forgot to plug the regbus into
the charger. If the regbus is plugged into the charger, you get random
regs triggering and dropping the charge current way down.)
So I then put my bench supplies on the 2 new batteries at 14.45 v (just
below reg trigger level) and let them charge until they had dropped
below 2A.
Now when I tried the whole string with the PFC charger, those 2 lit up

So I then drove 6.7 miles, using 1.33KWH. (198WH/Mile, not too good for
a Sparrow. Better check tires and brakes!)

Hooked up the charger, after a few minutes at 40A, the 2 new batteries
started triggering their regs. So I left it for an hour, and when I
came back most of the other batteries were triggering their regs, but
NOT the 2 new ones.

I tried turning on SW 6 for an equalize cycle, and the charger was
putting out 1.4A at 191V, and NO regs were being triggered. They all
must have been pretty even with each other. I only left it this way for
a few minutes.

Does all this sound normal for breaking in a slightly mixed pack?

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