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Wow...I love burnouts...

But I am starting to get worried when racers start expecting to burnt
Maybe it's time to go with higher gear ratios and brushless motors as all
the radio control planes do?

As someone with a motor that has been in the Central Oregon motor queue for
several months now,
I find myself starting to hope it'll be a wet winter with no racing... :^0

Maybe we can all put our brains together to figure out how to keep these
racing motors from being pushed over the edge.
As a start: I don't recall seeing forced air cooling on John's siamese
motor. Not that overheating is a contributing factor, but blowing brush
debris out as quick as possible is probably a very good idea. My ETEK on my
boat has forced air cooling and the brush graphite doesn't have a chance to
accumulate in the motor as it gets sucked straight out. Still, after 4
years now, it's probably time I checked the brushes...we all should.

-Myles Twete, Portland, Or.

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Hi Ryan,

First, we are building yet another, larger, better, A123
Systems battery pack. Now that the motors are surviving, we can bump
up the HP output of the pack. We are planning to go 11 cells wide. At
75 C, this will be very slightly "over center" on the maximum power
transfer curve. At the maximum battery current of 1800 amps, the
Zilla will, (at least should,) not be able to draw the pack down to
half voltage. In theory, this should move up the power to about 475
HP. This is about 85 more HP than we are pushing right now. The extra
cells will add about 33 lbs, however.

We are also going to try out cell interconnects made of
copper, instead of nickel. Again, in theory, this should reduce the
resistance by about a factor of 2 (the geometry is different) and
should add about 6 more HP yet reduce the weight slightly. Every
little bit helps. :)

We will also start playing with the brush timing to find the
optimal settings. This will take a lot of runs and maybe a couple
burnt commutators.

Bill Dube'

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>the board?
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