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[EVDL] California dreaming, was Re: NEDRA Nationals

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<<<< We will return and I will get my trike running so all
can drive it but for now we will have to be satisfied
with our local 1/8 th mile track. Just as I was
leaving I talked to Brian Hall and we discussed a So
Cal race. I know the predominance of EV's are in the
NE but would some of you come to a so cal venue if we
could set it up---maybey something like the NHRA
winter nationals at Pamona? These EVents are worth
all the time trouble and expense.. You really are
missing out on a major benifit of EV ownership if you
don't make it to some of them.

kEVs >>>>

Did Brian mention we had a Sacramento race for a couple years? I can't
remember why it dropped out of favor -- perhaps planning issues?

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