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Calling all EV conversion shops, especially in North America...

We just added a new feature on the site which allows users to find
electric vehicle conversion businesses near them by interacting with a
Google map. You can view this functionality on In order to be
on the map, you need to register to create your free account. Once you
create your account, login, fill out your profile, and click the
"Upgrade to Business" account link. Again, this is all FREE and will
never cost you anything. Don't miss out! This is just free promotion -
no strings attached!

In addition to allowing anonymous users to easily find your business,
you also get a public business profile page that you, the owner, can add
content to. This is linked from your company's info window on the map.
The best part of this profile is the comments and ratings feature. This
will allow your customers to rate your shop - and those ratings are
publicly available for anyone to see. Be aware that these ratings must
come from other registered evaddicts users and they are moderated. I
believe this feature will be a powerful promotion tool for your
business. You can even add a link on your existing website to your
public evaddicts profile! In addition to the business profile, every
evaddicts user account also gives you blogging and vehicle profile
capability. And if you currently manage your vehicle profile on, no problem! We offer a one-click evalbum profile import.

My goals with is to build a community of electric vehicle
advocates (or addicts who crave clean transportation!). When I say
community, that means all aspects of the industry: hobbiests,
professional conversion shops, parts vendors, manufacturers, dealers,
etc. I am starting with the hobbiests and conversion shops, but keep
checking back. I am adding new features monthly.

Please send me any feedback about the site and let me know any other
ways I can help your business.

Scott Wilkinson

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