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[EVDL] Canterbury University Motor Controller Design

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Before I add fuel to the current round of "surely motor controller design
isn't so hard", I would recommend those who weren't her for the last round
to review the archives, here is just one thread of the several in recent

In around 1998 the Canterbury University (in New Zealand) Engineering
department made a 3 phase motor controller for a Solectria motor. They
published at least some of their work: (check
out the publications link)

I didn't look at everything they have on their site, nor did I try and track
down papers not linked directly, but I did see this one:

Li X, Duke R.M. and Round S.D. Development of a Three-Phase Three-Level
Inverter for an Electric Vehicle. Australasian Universities Power
Engineering Conference, Darwin, Australia, 1999, pp. 247-51

You'll see the first paragraph references an earlier paper which might give
you more information.
For subscription options, see