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[EVDL] Cap'n Watts-his-name

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What ever happened to Capt. Glenn Roach of Replica Roadsters?

He sold a small sports car he converted to electric with a
Honda genset crammed in the trunk, long before GM was in denial
about their range-extender really being a plug-in-serial-hybrid
(pish). Glenn told me the Lawyer owner would start the genset
in the trunk before leaving LA for Las Vegas. This was when public
EV charging was non-existent.
[out-dated material] ...
California ...
Replica Roadsters (9/1994) Capt. Glenn Roach
(AKA: Cap'n Watts-his-name ) ... 17508 Delia Avenue Torrance, CA,
90504, USA Dealership: No Converter: Yes Kit/Components: No
Product: Conversions have included several Geos under contract
to Delco, the original "Voltzwagon", an MR2, and a Porsche 914.
Installs fueled power sources in EVs to make hybrid vehicles.
Hybrid and Electric boats
Glenn Roach's Battery blaster: two Curtis controllers feeding one
modified motor August 1995

With Glenn, it was all about performance and pushing the envelope.
I first met him at EVS12 being held at the Disneyland Hotel in
Anaheim, CA. He was ticking off the GM EV1 guys because his
"conversion" they had earlier sneered at was the only EV spinning
and chirping tires in the parking lot while giving rides.

The EV1 guys in front were a static display with four Magnacharge
SPI chargers powering a heating element to boil water. While steam
was a visual, the smell of the exhaust from their GM semi-truck
diesel genset, stank up the parking lot and the air inside EVS12
GM was touting itself as clean and green while being the source of
the asphyxiating exhaust fumes.

It is a shame not very much of the 90's EV-good-old-days are
documented on the Internet. So many things are being repeated that
have already been done twenty years ago, and EV noobs are none the

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