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[EVDL] Charger plan

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I just saw this on the Volt site:

A new start-up company announced its launch yesterday. This company is
called "Project Better Place. Their idea is to create a
subscription-based charging system for plug-in electric cars. This
system would operate like a cell phone network, driver's could roam
anywhere, plug-in and charge their cars where it is convenient. They
would be billed from the Project Better Place network who would have
arrangements with multiple local utilities.

The company hopes to set up charging centers where one can drive in
and fill up with electricity automatically, or for longer drives,
battery exchange depots.

In another twist, they see an opportunity aligning themselves with
electric carmakers (apparently they are in talks with five) Just like
you can get a cheap cell phone when you sign up with one of the
wireless carriers, you could get a less expensive lease for electric
cars that have signed up with Project Better Place.

The company is headed by Shai Agassi, former SAP software president
and is half funded by two Israeli companies. The location for this
project rollout is yet undisclosed but likely to target high density
population areas beginning in three countries, initial testing is to
begin in 2008, and 100,000 car enrollment is expected by the end of

When you listen to this guy talk, you get the idea this will be a VERY
BIG DEAL. Indeed it is the highest capital funding for a greentech
company to date.


For subscription options, see
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