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[EVDL] Charging station vandalism (WAS: Re: Wireless charging)

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This thread didn't seem to have much to say about part of what started
it off - vandalism. When I was involved with, I saw
numerous reports of hacked up cords and smashed up charging stations. I
personally came across paddles that had been smashed. So there's an
issue there. The charging stations are left unattended, and people love
to pick on EVs and the attendant paraphernalia; in contrast, most gas
pumps are not - I rarely see vandalized gas pumps.

Jack Murray wrote:
> I think having to plug in a cord to charge is a huge PITA.

Most people are in your corner, but I like plugging in. It's part of my
EV scene.
> But I'm one who hates to clean my swimming pool, vacuum the carpet,
> put the dishes away, or make my bed everyday.
> I hate going to the gas station too, a toxic waste dump experience,
> but it's only once a week, not everyday (with current batteries)
> My idea was not to put it on the ground, but have it integrated
> into the front bumper, and you drive UP to it, not OVER it.
> Makes sense for a parking spot, not many pull-through garages or parking lots I've seen..
> This would allow them to be very close together.

And maybe robust enough so that they could not be vandalized. A big
tough stump-like object that you could drive your front bumper up against.
> And if anyone remembers my EV Train approach, this bumper(s) would
> also allow EVs to chain together magnetically and be charged as they travel the freeway in a train pulled by an EV locomotive.
> Google didn't fund that idea.. :(
> Jack Murray

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