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[EVDL] China's 1st human-electric hybrid range:150km ts:85kmph 2people&luggage

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'Human-electric' vehicle developed by city scientists 2011-01-28
Local engineers have produced China's first "human-electric" hybrid
vehicle, allowing users to charge it by pedaling as they drive along.

The vehicle, developed by researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong
University, can carry two people and luggage. Pedal energy is
reclaimed and charges the battery. It can be driven in electric-only
mode or pedal plus electric power.

Unlike existing Twike electric cars in operation in Europe, people can
recharge this vehicle anytime they want due to an "intelligent
battery," developed in Shanghai. Twike drivers can only recharge the
vehicle through braking or moving down a slope.

The intelligent battery also allows users to gauge consumption. "If
drivers are stuck in a traffic jam with the air-conditioning on, their
car would soon run out of power," said Jay Lee, President of the
Advanced Industrial Technology Research Institute. But using the
pedaling option, people can recharge their vehicle, he said.

The 300-kilogram vehicle is 2.65 meters long, 1.20 meters wide and
1.25 meters high. Its top speed is 85 kilometers per hour and it can
run for 150 kilometer if the battery can be fully recharged. The
vehicle may go into production in 2012, Lee said.
[Source:Shanghai Daily @ 2001-2010 English.Eastday.Com]

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