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[EVDL] Chinese motors update

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I've been talking to 'super motors' of china and I've gotten some data.
it seems they have similar motor sizes (maybe even identical)
6.7", 7.56" and 9.5"
their specs are a little different and might have less overall power
rating. the 9.5" is rated 11kW.
their current ratings are lower too with class F insulation but their
torque per amps rating seems higher.
all in all they look quite similar to 'western' series DC motors of the
ADC kind.

the somewhat interesting aspect is the price of 400, 430 and 460$
respectively for the 3.
still waiting on the shipping cost

even if they are slightly weaker, the 9.5" must be a decent deal. I'm
not personally a fan of lower power to weight ratio so it's a bit in the
wrong direction but still
it's hard to know how they compare to ADC without actually testing both
to failure point. otherwise we'll just have to chance it and compare notes

more as it happens


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