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[EVDL] Chrysler's Fiat-500 based EV | Daihatsu using Toyota EV-parts

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Chrysler's 1st EV: a Fiat 500 version in 2012
... Alisa Priddle Jan 19 2011 Ann Arbor=97 Chrysler ... expects to get
a $3 billion [DoE] long-term loan ... =

Chrysler's first electric vehicle, a version of the Fiat 500, will hit
the market next year, as will hybrid versions of the Chrysler 300 =

full-size sedan and the Town & Country minivan.

Add to that evaluation work on a hydraulic hybrid that uses hydraulic =

pumps, rather than electric motors and batteries, to augment the =

gasoline engine ... The technology is not new. The EPA developed it =

about a decade ago and has been using it on garbage trucks and UPS =

delivery vans that do a lot of start and stop city driving. The system
uses hydraulic fluid and pumps to recover energy when a vehicle =

brakes, and uses the resulting hydraulic pressure to propel the =

vehicle. Chrysler approached the EPA about testing its viability in a
minivan to see if it can be packaged easily and would meet the needs =

of a family in city driving. =

The benefit is a hydraulic system would cost substantially less than =

hybrids, already on the road, that pair electric motors and batteries =

with gasoline engines. [=A9 2011 The Detroit News. All rights reserved.]
Jan 19 2011 by Wayne Cunningham ... Chrysler is exploring =

multiple ... technologies, some of which come from new owner Fiat ...
Jan 19 2011 ... Chrysler is most in danger... because it lacks ... =

an [EV] ...

Daihatsu car planned using Toyota EV-components
Daihatsu to Raise Indonesia Minicar Production to as Many as 400,000 =

Units By Anna Mukai and Yuki Hagiwara - Jan 19, 2011 ... exports to =

the Middle East and Africa, will raise annual output to 330,000 units
in May ... Toyota doesn=92t make its own minicars ... =

Daihatsu plans to sell a hybrid car using technology from Toyota and =

it may also receive electric-vehicle components from its parent ...
Daihatsu will decide the type of hybrid it will sell this year ...


-- =

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