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Auction 170551684650.

My sister is selling her Corvair due to her new job with a commute range that the car can't handle. The only problems in almost 4 years and around 8,000 miles were as follows.

The Russco charger's GFCI input had to be replaced and the Iota DLC-30 had to be repaired due to vibration loosening a ferrite coil on the board. (It has since been "ruggedized" with help from Lee Hart.)

The description on Ebay probably has some holes in it, so feel free to ask questions on the listing page and I will post an answer that everyone can read.


Tim Medeck

Many, many thanks to Lee Hart for letting us use one of his controllers while we waited for the Zilla, and all of his help and input with improvements done since the initial conversion.

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