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[EVDL] Curtis AC systems: ease of installation & acceleration?

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Have been on the list about 13 years now, and never realized that Curtis ca=
me out with a "low-cost" (about 4K) AC system.
My questions:- Usually low voltages (below 230 or so) means pokey performan=
ce/acceleration. I'm running 144V in a 3K lb. Civvy. What can I expec=
t?- Does one need to be an EE to make this setup happen, or is it "plug & p=
lay" similar to DC systems?- How has reliability been? If you feel awkwa=
rd about slamming a fellow EVers system, or a company, contact me off-list.=

Thinking about converting a gen. 5 ('92-95) Honda Civic? My $23 "CivicWith=
ACord" DVD (57 mins.) shows ins and outs you'll encounter converting the se=
dan; the del Sol, or the hatchback. Each runs 144V/18 batteries. Primary f=
ocus on component/instrumentation/ battery placement and other consideratio=
ns. For more info,

____ =

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=3DD-------/ - - \ =


Would you still drive your car if the tailpipe came out of the steering whe=



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