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We are doing an upgrade on a previous MR2 conversion, replacing the
Curtis with a Soliton and the FLA's with CALB's. It has been a very
reliable daily commuter for years and it's time to make it better. The
owner is selling the entire rail assembly which has the Curtis 1231C
with mounting plate and fan, an electronics box (potbox, two contactors,
precharge, fuses, relays, 100A breaker for the 12 V, inertia sw, shunt)
all with Anderson and CPC connectors, and a DC/DC. This all connects
together very neatly, just provide basic HV and LV and connect the
throttle cable. See pics on under "gallery" and "Toyota
MR2". Parts cost about $3K, owner is selling for $1800.

Gary Krysztopik
ZWheelz, LLC
Alamo City Electric Auto Association
blog -
San Antonio, TX

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