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[EVDL] DC/DC converter - Frugal Methods of making one

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This conversation on how to use PC power supplies,
Laptop power supplies, even battery chargers as DC/DC
converters is very, very interesting.

I changed the topic to FRUGAL makings of DC/DC
converters. Could you experts use it, to help us
learn more about this concept, as it might be getting
lost to those who aren't interested anymore in the LED
lights topic, it's sort of been hiding in.

Thanks, keep teaching me about this - I'm stoked!

--- Mike Willmon <[email protected]> wrote:

> If it doesn't have a tranformer then it is a switch
> mode charger, or switcher. The forst thing it does
> is rectify the AC power
> coming in to make a DC signal that is then puls
> width modulated to get the correct average voltage
> the charger calls for. If it
> has a full wave recitifer on the front end it will
> conduct your DC pack in either direction. (I
> believe most smart chargers
> employ full wave bridge rectifiers - but I can't
> promise its always the case). If by chance they
> skimped on the parts and used a
> half wave rectifier it will work in one direction
> but not the other. You can test it by putting in a
> small 5-10 amp fuse coming
> from the pack voltage when hooking it to your
> charger. You can look on the data plate and see if
> it lists it as a 90VAC to
> 240VAC input. If so then you would be safe with a
> pack big enough not to sag below 90VDC or with a max
> charge voltage greater
> 240V DC.
> Mike,
> Anchorage, Ak.

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