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[EVDL] DCP Controller Tach Sensor Assembly Sources?

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Good morning fellow EV'ers,

I'm looking for a Tach Sensor assembly that goes with the DCP 600amp controller. Does anyone know where I could get one of these?

I've been a bit of a lurker over the past several months while I've been converting a 98 Ranger (with LOTS of Bob Rice's technical help and his garage full of welders, torches, grinders, etc) and I'm almost there. In fact, I hope to be test driving it this weekend! I've got an ADC 9" motor, DCP controller and 144v system (variac for now, charger later). It's been great to hear what everyone is doing on there vehicles (and maybe what not to do, too!). Thanks!

I think I lucked out with the DCP's tach feature in that when I install the Tach sensor assembly, the DCP is supposed to provide Tach output for a 4-cylinder engine (same as the one I took out of the truck). I'm hoping to connect this to the instrument cluster tach for that factory-finished look rather than an add-on Tach gauge.

Appreciate any help on the Tach sensor sources.


Dave Oliveria
Soon to be an EV-Grinner!
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