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[EVDL] Dennis Berube's S10

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Hello all,

The pictures are up at

It's a good looking, clean and well thought out conversion.

Tucson AZ

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In a message dated 9/26/2007 9:18:20 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
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> Date:9/26/2007 9:18:20 PM US Mountain Standard Time
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> Received from Internet:
> Wow, He can check for arcing while he goes down the track.
> **There is a alum. Scatter shield over the motor, but I can still see any
> possible arcing as the shield also has a lexan window to view. I did already
> see a tiny bit of arcing on the track when the timing was set to close to
> neutral on one of its qt. mi. runs.
> My first thought, (having blown up a commutator), was he needs a scatter
> shield! But then I realized it might be darn near impossible to hit 5000rpm
> ~4:1 rear means that would be 1250rpm and on a 24" wheel that is
> 14rpm/mph or 89mph, oh!! no so hard. What is that thing geared at?
**The truck has had both 26in.and 28in.tall tires on it. In the pictures the
tires are 26in.tall.
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