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Hi Folk's,

In the interest of saving bandwidth, I thought I'd clump these together. last night I received a Christmas card from George Gless pervious DEVC president and then editor (I used to go regularly to DEVC meetings when I lived in Colorado Springs). His wife said he had a stroke (similar to Bob Rice I sent an EMG monitor to & my uncle). So should i build another EMG monitor? Or if someone is nearby like Bill Dube etc (who visits & knows his status), the circuit & board layout are on at the bottom in a zip file.

With regards to the V2G discussion, I went to a presentation (with Bob Rice) in Hagerstown, Md from the University of Delaware and it still didn't make any sense to me why you would discharge your car trying to charge it and the associated complexity/cost of a back-feed inverter. It was presented that a smart grid would only pull for a short time like 10-30 seconds to smooth out dips in the grid but if you can't supply hours during peak load I'm not sure how practical that would be. (prefaced by IMHO:) i would be suprised if it ever sees the light of day on a useful large scale due to the poor business model (and practicality of implementation). Other methods such as pumped lake storage (we have here), nat gas peak load plants or even large stationary batteries make better economic sense.

I had the problem of a silent EV pre-mid 90's (as some know) where I was the major cause of road kill (muskrats, beavers, skunks, possum, deer, bear). In 96' I lowered my controller frequency on my EV's (present ) to 1500 hertz so the lamination-flabulaton from the motor is audible outside the car (and the controller runs so cool the muffin fan is not needed, tune off resonant peak for inaudible inside cab). I havn't killed a single animal since 96'. I put a similar controller on my E-Cat but that wasn't necessary & a bit annoying (to my wife) on the lake so I'm using a 15khz switching frequency on the lake (to see more animals up close) lakes SML, Claytor & MooMaw.

EV solar panels:
Periodically over the years I've tried solar panels on EV's (Cushman or Cushwoman, cheese-wedge, electro-metro and E-Cat). The added air drag &weight of the panels actually reduced range slightly over not having them. I put all the panels on my solar-grid-tie house ( see ) and in the yard on trakers, 7kw worth or them 42ea with Enphase inverters and another inverter for the wind turbine (just bought another 13 to add 3kw to be at the 10kw max). Since our power is 85% dirty coal I wanted to insure that I'd be charging from the sun and the only practical way to do it is a large array of PV most in the yard (avoid pesky shingle replacement). It also generates during peak load (see above V2G sillyness).

have a renewable energy day,

Mark in roanoke, VA

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