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[EVDL] Did test drive with Tom Sines Evette. (Tommey Reed)

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Sunday I wemt to see Tom Sines Evette.

The Evette handles very well at 35 miles per hour, you would think not.
I met Tom Sines about 6 months ago and we became friends, he found out that I can help with his Evette and more.
Many of you think I don't have a EV, I have a Toyota Celica GT.
My test drive at 48 volts went 52 mph, amps was very high, in fact to high that made me rethink new way to power my EV.
My H2 Hummer gets 15 mpg, I am thinking of making it a hybrid, This would not have your basic EV design in fact a dc air compressor would be the way to convert 2-4 piston powered by air injected.
This would take about 40hp to produce enough CFM's to run?four piston in the?big?6.0 engine at 150 psi.
I have built very simple two stroke engine that ran on air injected? and they work just as well?as a gas version.
Most engine runs with a pressure of 600 psi to as high as 1800 psi at TDC, this is one reason my rotary engine is very powerful, because my engine fire at TDC and convert that in to instead torque, this would be my air design version for my Toyota.


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