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[EVDL] DoE's archaic restrictions not-funding Oregon EV Co's innovations | "The Dilem
[images] Oregon EV companies miss out on DOE funds
by Lee van der Voo, freelance writer Jan 14 2011

Electric vehicle companies in Oregon won=92t all get a crack at [$184 =

million] of federal funding available for [R&D] of advanced vehicles

That=92s because [DOE] grants are tailored toward lightweight cars made
in standard forms but with innovative materials. Many Oregon electric
vehicle manufacturers, by contrast, are using traditional materials to
build cars, but building them lighter by creating new forms and =

tweaking aerodynamics.

Local designers explain: A car=92s fuel efficiency can depend not just =

on a vehicle=92s weight, but also on the amount of contact it has with =

the road and its ability to move across surfaces with limited =


Oregon manufacturers say their designs can adapt lighter materials in
the future, when those materials are more available. But currently =

most are focused on building models that be built with proven =

materials in today=92s market ...

[The nonprofit] Drive Oregon could have been a contender for the =

Department of Energy funds, particularly with state support to match =

grants ...

"There are some Oregon companies that are planning on applying for a =

grant under this application, but in terms of really thinking next =

generation vehicles ... I think what I would like to see is a strong =

incentivization from the federal government to look beyond cars," ...
[=A9 2011 American City Business Journals, Inc. All rights reserved.]

"The Dilemma": panicked-clueless develops interchangeable EV motor
Senseless violence sidetracks humor of 'The Dilemma'
By Mal Vincent The Virginian-Pilot Jan 15 2011
Somewhere within "The Dilemma" is a weirdly existential movie trying =

to get out ... A man sees his best friend's wife making out with a =

younger guy ... =

Kevin James is instantly forgettable as the panicked and cuckholded =

husband who hasn't a clue about anything except how to develop an =

electric car, which may make the two buddies rich ... the guys hope to
sell their electric-car invention to Dodge, although the auto's only =

test that we see is whether it can idle and make a big noise at the =

same time.

The women of "Dilemma," ... are little more than scenery ... As it is,
it's too much to ask us to spend two hours with an over-the-top broad
comedy that could have been a 20-minute drama.
[=A9 1993-2011,]
Movie Review - 'The Dilemma' Starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James
Directed by Ron Howard Rated PG-13 Jan 14 2011 ...

The Dilemma follows Ronny Valentine (Vince Vaughn) on a ridiculous =

adventure to expose the infidelity of his best friend=92s wife ... the =

best friend and business partner, Nick Brannen (Kevin James) is =

unwittingly working his butt off to perfect an interchangeable =

electric car motor that the two have sold to Chrysler. This aspect of =

the film bordered on interesting, but the sheer length and repetitive =

quality of nearly every single scene killed the comedy, the intrigue,
and therefore, the attention span of the audience ...

Sorry guys, this is not the movie you need to see at the theaters this
week, unless you=92ve had a very difficult time sleeping lately.
[=A9Fave Company All Rights Reserved]


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