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[EVDL] DOH! List *WAS* Daily driver vs. hobby: EV reliability issues & OEM mass produ

> I can add the following 'D'OH!' moments to the list...

I would be willing to compile a list of DOH! moments for the EVDL
Library if folks post them to this thread... I really could have used
(still could!) a list like "How I Killed My First Pack" along with
"How I Did NOT Kill My Second Pack"! This stuff is largely in the
FAQs, but scattered around and perhaps the importance of some items
could be emphasized more.

Here's just a few of my DOH! moments for amusement.

1. Not installing a battery monitoring system the moment I read about
the concept, like folks on the list told me to (dying pack)
2. Figuring out the difference between 2nd and 4th gear in a VW.
(Why won't it GO? said my husband as he got out of the car to walk)
3. Pouring brake fluid into the reservoir for the heating system (it
*did* say brake fluid on the reservoir lid)
4. Not keeping the terminals tight, and melting a battery post
5. Not fixing the bad combination of not-so-smart charger and no
e-meter like folks on the list told me to (dying pack)
6. Breaking the hood latch, then forgetting that fact and closing the
hood (how do you fix a hood latch when the hood won't open?)

I figure my role in my local EAA club is to provide comic relief ;-)
and be living proof that anyone can drive one of these cars with some
determination and the help of fellow EV'ers.

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