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[EVDL] Doug shame on you.

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They can't hide this:

Above is a tremendous demonstration of what can be done with a Rav4 EV. I
was not aware that the 200 amp regen input had been hacked. Doug was
talking about all the modifications he and others had done on his car. Very
impressive. Using an aftermarket charger he can use up to 12kw solar or
other source(this is the shame part) to charge. If you can fully charge up
in less than an an hour at 12kw the possible 50kw should charge up in 10
minutes.(as fast as a gas pump) Are there heating problems at this rate?
Anyway Doug mentions (this is the shame part) you could put a gas motor in
and be better than the Volt. Well I think the Pure EV is the pinnacle of
automotive engineering.(well maybe the electric train but lets not go there.
They will never electrify the roads) The Prius is training wheels & the
volt just less training wheels. The only reason to have a gas powered motor
in an EV is the lack of fast charging which you just demonstrated (or just
plain worry about running out of energy.). Is it needed in an emergency.
Maybe. But if something so bad happens that you lose the grid you can't
pump gas & besides you have solar charging. Lets see them pump oil out of
the ground and into a gas tank. Doug please explain why you are back
peddling. I have always known that the ev's for sale list was political. I
have agreed with you most of the time but adding a motor like the long
ranger AC propulsion makes should be for delivery convienence. I just don't
want it in my car. GM wants one in your car to complicate it and suck more
money out of you. Remember service including oil changes is a billion
dollar business. I say nice simple quick charging EV. No gas motor thank
you very much. I think putting a gas motor in a Rav4 EV is shame. Lawrence

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