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[EVDL] eBikes and regulations, was: led stage lights for headlights ?

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Illinois has a generous regulation, although I might interpret the 175 pound
reference as a specific guideline, similar to the FAA's 170 pound pilot, which
probably has gained a few pounds too, to keep up with the fattening of

If you put a 750 watt motor in a three-wheeled, all enclosed e-bike, aka
e-assist velomobile, you're probably going to see close to 40 mph with human
bean assist. If you put a 750 watt motor in a three-wheeled, all enclosed
e-bike, it's also likely to be a stealth-e-bike, since no one will be able to
see the motor inside. You can amaze your friends and confuse others by telling
them your astonishing speed is due to aerodynamics and that the only motor is
the human bean within.


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Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2010 13:36:41 -0600
From: "Childress, Matthew" <[email protected]>

One of the significant advantages of eBikes is that they are NOT regulated by
DOT, but by the Consumer Product Safety Commission -- so you can be a lot more
creative "rolling your own". You could put homemade LED headlights on THIS EV,
no problem.

In Illinois, eBikes can be 3-wheeled, all-enclosed but have a maximum unassisted
by pedaling speed of 20 mph if you weigh 175 pounds (if you're UNDER or OVER 175
pounds, there is no restriction, but if there's 175 pounds on the seat, you can
only go 20 mph). If you're pedaling, the top-end speed is not limited. 750
watt motor maximum, no restrictions on how MANY 750 watt motors ;-) Of course
I'm not a lawyer and this is my bendy interpretation of the law on the books.
It's pretty poorly written.

No insurance, plate/registration or driver's license required. Just gotta be 16
and you can't drive it on the sidewalk. 20mph is *fast* on a regular bicycle.
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