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>Hi everyone,
>Thanks for your positive input, for those of you who were. I think lithium battreies would be great in this car, and the car can hold a lot of batteries. As for speed, the car can hold 2 11 inch dc motors that, and two zilla 2k controlers(do the math) if I put them in the car,could rip the tires off the car, but that would be to much for most people. The maneuverability of this car is so much better than a conventional car its amusing. Let me also remind you this car is not like any three wheeler you have ever seen, even at higher speeds it turns quicker that a conventional car, it also has a very low center of gravity. A writer from the Palm Beach Post I gave a ride once wrote, gut wrenching turns. I will also remind you this car is easy and fun to drive.
>Harry Grepke, my good friend and mentor on this project, invented the first hybrid turbine electric car over 30years ago. He was on the cover of Popular Science, he approached Detroit with it ,but they wouldn`t get off the dime. I don`t think its any different now. All steering and braking is done by the rear wheels, if the electronic steering fails,and it has once or twice, the car is easily steered by left and right hydraulic brake, as for traction have you seen the size of those tires?
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