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[EVDL] Electric Pump for Power Brakes (was Another EV (Ranger) Grin!)

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Just checked out Summit Racing and their electic Vacuum Pump for brakes. Wow, $330 for the kit not counting shipping and any taxes? That's a bit higher than I was expecting. I was considering a used pulley vacuum pump, electric motor, pressure switch and reservoir. I was budgeting around $150 or so for the all the parts. A kit offers one-stop shopping with most of the labor already done for you but the sticker shock still lingers!

Since driving my EV around town I'm becoming quite good at stopping with lots of pressure. I haven't resorted to both feet yet (as Bob Rice suggests) but I may come to that in an emergency!

I checked out your website on your poorman's charger and it looks like a great idea! As I mentioned on your blog, though, I'm looking for a plug-n-charge approach to recharging. I've been using Bob Rice's Monster Charger for two weeks now and I find myself babysitting it; adusting the volts every so often, etc.

Are you coming down for the next NEEAA meeting? We can talk more then about these things.



PS: I bought an IOTA DC/DC for the 12v but just haven't found the place to install nor connect it up yet.

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Have you looked at the electric vacuum pump from Summit Racing?

There is also an on board charger installation on my blog. It puts out 177v
so it is good for a boost, but not quite enough for a full charge- but it
cost < $25. Also, if money is an issue, I've had good luck with my laptop
power supply for charging the 12V battery.
For subscription options, see
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